About CFA

The Cycling for All network is set up to provide more cycling opportunities for people in London with disabilities and health conditions.

Many disabled people in London with physical and sensory impairments do not know that it is possible to cycle. Research shows that one in twenty cycle commuters are disabled, and for many disabled people, using wheels is often easier than walking. Research also shows that cycling can boost health and wellbeing – whether it is commuting or for leisure.This website is headed by Wheels for Wellbeing (WfW).  The Cycling for All (CFA) project was set up by WfW to help people who experience barriers to cycling (physical, intellectual or psychological) and target those who do not regularly participate in physical activity or sport. The aim of Cycling for All is to increase the number of disabled and older Londoners who cycle regularly, as well as enhancing the profile and inclusion of disabled cyclists, and allowing them to experience some of the life improving and prolonging effects of cycling.

Cycling For All consists of:

All network partners have years of experience of making cycling accessible for small groups of people with all impairment types: – visual impairments, lower and/or upper limb impairments – including amputations, balance issues, muscle wasting conditions, neurological conditions, learning disabilities, cognitive impairments, autism mental health issues, etc.

CFA provides:

  • regular inclusive cycling sessions at venues around London
  • outreach inclusive cycling sessions at community locations and events
  • advice, support and information
  • inclusion for disabled cyclists, works to raise their profile as cyclists
  • developing inclusive cycling hubs

Bringing bikes to you

  • CFA can bring a selection of our cycles to venues for people to try who might not think it’s possible for them.
  • CFA outreach sessions offer a taste of the fun and benefits of cycling as a physical activity, and are supervised by qualified cycling instructors.
  • If you are interested in arranging an outreach session or have any queries about Cycling for All in London please get in touch.

The Cycling for All project team is based at the Wheels for Wellbeing offices: 336 Brixton Road, London, SW9 7AA.