Try before you buy

Have you thought about owning your own cycle?

There’s a wide variety to choose from so it’s important to consider what type will suit you, how you will use it, look after it and store it. We hope this section helps to put you on the right track. It’s important to try before you buy. Click here to find out when and where inclusive cycling sessions are running in London which offer the use of a variety of cycles.

Finding your bike

Find out more about different types of cycles. Remember to keep an open mind about what might work for you.To arrange a one-to-one assessment at a cycling session, to help you decide what type of bike will best meet your needs, how much it might cost and where to purchase it, please email or call 020 7346 8482.You can click here to find a list of recommended bike suppliers and distributors, including links to their websites where you can see what bikes they have and what they do.

Funding your cycle

Find out what funding might be available to help you purchase your cycle.

Looking after your cycle

Find out about safety checks and basic maintenance.

Securing and storing your cycle

Find out how to store your cycle, security, and how to protect it from the weather