Neil’s Story

Talking about his everyday experiences on a trike

I haven’t looked back since finding my own adult trike. It means I can cycle regardless of my balance which was affected by a childhood brain tumour.My trike has a large carry rack across the back, which is easily able to carry two large bags of shopping.I cycle several times a week as in London with most journeys taking less than one hour. If I lived outside of a city and public transport facilities were on a much lower scale, I would still cycle as much as possible because it brings me so many benefits.Travel is usually free, costing me nothing – which is especially welcome while I am unemployed.I get enjoyable, free exercise and feel relaxed and ready when I arrive, not stressed and uptight from sitting in traffic.  Keeping fit and healthy goes a long way to reducing the symptoms of my disability.When I cycle somewhere, I know very accurately how much time the journey will take, as I don’t get stuck in traffic.  I can lock my bike virtually anywhere at no cost and gain much easier access to public places.Cycling is great sport activity in which I can participate with able-bodied friends. I’ve met lots of people and I’m often stopped by people who are looking for a tricycle for themselvesI have also enjoyed excellent cycling holidays in Scotland and Yorkshire and have been able to complete fundraising cycle rides for charities that I support.