James and John

I’ve made some friends here. It’s like a social club…

 I’ve been helping for a year. Mike told me about it. I’ve learnt how to fix bikes and obviously, stacking bikes as well. Set up gears, changing cassettes, chains.I’m getting a lot of physical exercise. Feeling better for it. Cut down the smoking as well. It helps to do stuff – keeps your mind occupied.I enjoy having a laugh and a joke with him [cycle instructor] and teasing him. It helps knowing how to talk to different people, whether it’s people with disabilities or not people with disabilities.John (EcoLocal cycling track side supporter) 

james -Ecolocal volunteer

John recommended it. It’s a good environment…I get to use my head and exercise my mind. I learn new stuff.I’ve made some friends here. It’s like a social club. It helps me with my communications because I’ve got autism. It’s better than me being in my room, on my own – you start going stir crazy. There are stresses but you’ve got to learn to deal with that. It’s learning to cope with that. I’m happy I can help and it’s knowledge I’ve gathered up myself that I expect to use. John says I helped him learn more about bicycles.James (EcoLocal cycling trackside supporter)