General Questions

General Questions about cycling with a session provider

Am I too young, or too old to learn to cycle?

The youngest person who cycled with Wheels for Wellbeing was 3, and the oldest was 96. There are no hard and fast rules, as we are all individuals. Contact the session provider in advance to find out how they could help you.

Can I purchase a cycle from Cycling for All?

No. The Cycling For All network doesn’t sell its cycles. It provides inclusive cycling to people with disabilities. However, if you go through the cycling sessions page, individual session providers may have some bikes for sale.

Does Cycling for All customise cycles?

No. Cycling for All doesn’t customise cycles, as it doesn’t have the funding for it. But you might be able to find someone who does by going through the contact list.

Would I be cycling on the road?

Sessions are generally run off-road. But contact the session provider to confirm.

Would I have to bring my own bike?

No. Session providers have a wide range of cycles for you to try out.

Do I have to pay to ride a cycle at a session?

Different providers have ways of funding their sessions. So, some providers have free sessions, and others you will have to pay for.

Would I need to wear a helmet?

This depends on organisation providing the cycling session. Contact them in advance to find out. For most cycling session providers, the use of helmets is optional, and they usually provide them.