What to expect at a session

Cycling sessions are fun and inclusive. Find out what you can expect…

Cycling for All sessions are staffed by qualified cycling instructors and supported by volunteers. There are a wide range of different bikes to use at sessions including two, three and four-wheel bikes.The sessions run as drop in, so you can arrive and leave at any point during a session, and cycle as little or as much as you like. When you arrive there will be a volunteer desk, or volunteer with a clipboard, for you to sign in and pay your session fee (if applicable).If it’s your first session you may need to complete a registration form. Please speak to a cycling instructor before getting on a bike to ensure that you use one that fits you well, is comfortable, and you are confident in controlling it. Cycling instructors are also available at any point during a session to support you, offer advice and answer questions.http://youtu.be/aBrfEsAF4rchttp://youtu.be/VkBAN8URbJQPlease note:

  • Helmets are available to use at all sessions.
  • Carers and parents/guardians who attend with participants remain responsible for them throughout the session.
  • All Cycling for All sessions are located in no smoking areas.
  • Non Cycling for All sessions operate slightly differently, be sure to check on their website or call them.

 Wear the right stuffIt’s best to wear trainers or flat shoes with a rigid sole to give you a firm footing when you are on your cycle. It is not a good Idea to wear flip flops, sandals or high heel shoes. Clothing should always be comfortable and not too loose so it does not get caught in the moving parts of the cycles. In the heat and sun, you should consider bringing a hat and sun cream. In the cold and light rain it’s a good idea to wear a warm and waterproof coat as well as gloves and a hat