Carlo and Junior

There is great support from the staff and a huge variety of bikes to cater for every need.

David, a carer, goes to Ecolocal Cycling in order to support two gentlemen, Carlo and Junior, who have learning difficulties. They’ve been attending for over a year now.“It’s a brilliant opportunity for people from every aspect of society to come and mix with other people and get some exercise. There is great support from the staff and a huge variety of bikes to cater for every need.  It’s brilliant,” said David. “I think they do appreciate the support they get from everyone who’s in charge of the arena. It’s a very caring environment.”For Carlo and Junior, going to Ecolocal’s inclusive cycling sessions has been an excellent introduction to work experience. They don’t just go there to cycle; they also go to help bring the cycles out from the containers, learn to park them correctly and how to accept responsibility for each bike as they take them through.“It’s also good discipline for them, as it teaches them to get up and be ready to leave on time. It gives them some independence and enables them to interact – not only with people from a similar background but also with the people that they work with. It’s this interaction that gives them the confidence to ask the right sort of questions in order to make the best of the job that they are asked to do.  Carlo and Junior are good team members. They come regularly, not because they are cajoled, but because they actually enjoy doing it. They enjoy helping,” said David.

“I feel good.  It’s good cycling.  Nice people.  Friendly.  I like paying the money. I like going up to the coffee shop.” (Carlo)

Volunteering is Carlo and Junior’s way of getting exercise – and enjoying it at the same time. Their fitness has improved because they regularly volunteer at Ecolocal Cycling. Both of them are now capable of going around the track for up to an hour – they just keep going .

“I’ve been coming to cycling for over a year.  I take out the bikes and stack them.  I cycle as well.  I talk to people, I make people welcome.   I have a go on the bikes.  It’s good experience.  I just like coming here.  I mix with everybody.  I get on with Max, my cycle instructor. I get on with people.” (Junior)